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<aside> 👋 I’m a 18 y/o Engineer and student (Saratoga High ‘22) making aircraft and mobile robots.


I’m currently a...


Mechanical Engineer @ Whisper Aero

January 2022 - Present

Whisper Aero is innovating quiet propulsion technology that will enable everything from consumer drones to air taxis to blend into the background noise of urban environments. With the “Whisper Jet,” they plan to transform regional air mobility.


Incoming Robotics Major @ UMichigan

Undergraduate student starting fall 2023

The University of Michigan in Ann Arbor is one of the first schools to adopt an undergraduate department and major in Robotics. This unique major combines aspects of hardware, electronics, and software relevant to today’s technology climate. After my gap year, I plan to join the class of 2027.

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I’m always busy with projects. Right now I’m working on...

Mixy: A Robotic Bartender

At my parents' Halloween party, I overheard the frustration as a crowd waited on the single bartender to make one of the few offered cocktails. Inspired by the "Bionic Bar", and itching to put my engineering skills to the test, I set out to make a robotic bartender.

Commercial robotic arms of the desired capability (~48 inch reach, 1kg payload) cost upwards of $25,000 due to expensive manufacturing processes and overcomplicated actuators. Leveraging low-cost 3D printing with plastics strengthened by a basic metal skeleton and coupled with low cost electronics and tuned feedback loops, our robot cost only $3,000.

Mixy allows users to customize their drinks, can serve ~100 drinks/hour, and serves as a cost-effective attraction at private events.

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