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<aside> 👋 I’m a 18 y/o mechanical engineer & robotics enthusiast. Welcome to my website. (Still under construction)


I’m currently a...


Mechanical Engineer @ Whisper Aero

January 2022 - Present

Whisper Aero is innovating quiet electric propulsion tech that will enable everything from consumer drones to air taxis to blend into the background noise of urban environments.

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I’m also working on…

Mixy: A Robotic Bartender

At my parents' Halloween party, I overheard the frustration as a crowd waited on the single bartender to make one of the few offered cocktails. Inspired by the "Bionic Bar", and itching to put my engineering skills to the test, I set out to make a robotic bartender.

Commercial robotic arms of the desired capability (~48 inch reach, 1kg payload) cost upwards of $25,000 due to expensive manufacturing processes and overcomplicated actuators. Leveraging low-cost 3D printing with plastics strengthened by a basic metal skeleton and coupled with low cost electronics and tuned feedback loops, our robot cost only $3,000.

Mixy allows users to customize their drinks, can serve ~100 drinks/hour, and serves as a cost-effective attraction at private events.


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I like to…

🚀 Travel

🏄‍♂️ Do sporty things

🚁 Build RC planes & race drones

📚 Read

🎸 Play guitar

& lastly, Write

I like to learn about cool things and share w/ friends. Some more on Medium